Stéphane Marti

*Lives and works in Paris.

Filmmaker and teacher, Stéphane Marti has been researching experimental cinema as an art form liberated of aesthetic codes and the economics of big budget cinema. His work is primarily focused on the themes of the sacred and the human body.

An avid supporter of the Super-8 format, he has been fighting for its merits as a tool. He has used this format film after film and has been sharing his experiences with new filmmakers during his workshops at the Sorbonne’s College of the Arts (Paris I).

Marti Jardin Prive

Jardin Privé / France / 2000 / 12' / 4:3

A mediterranean garden dulled in a hot summer afternoon. The camera twirl around like a wasp and, into the burndt super 8 images fragments, we discern, among stones and scrubs, erotics photos in wich Bacchus spririt is blowing and who invite to wake up senses ...