Christoph Draeger

*1965, Zurich, Switzerland. Lives and works in New York, USA.

Christoph Draeger is an international artist born in Switzerland who studied Fine Arts in Belgium and New York. His conceptual projects take form in installation, drawing, sculpture, video, and photo-based media to explore issues pertaining to disaster and media saturated culture.

 DRAEGER Helenes HD 3

Helenés - Apparitions of freedom / Switzerland / 2005 / 18'30 / 4:3

Helenés combines two examples of fanatical propaganda from the erstwhile communist East and the West. An apocalypic, Hungarian educational film designed to prepare the populace in the event of a nuclear attack is shown in its entirety and is stategically subtitled using the text of George W. Bush’s inaugural speech on his re-election to office in 2005. Text and image enter into a new symbiosis revealing the subtext of Bush’s address: the ideal of American dominance and hegemony which is to be achieved even in the darkest corners of the world by means of the dissemination of “freedom”.