Masha Godovannaya

*1976, Moscow, Russia. Lives and work in St. Petersburg, Russia. 

Masha Godovannaya was born in Moscow in 1976 where she studied music and publishing before leaving for the United States in order to join the Mecca of experimental cinema, the Anthology Film Archives. During several years, she devoted herself to programming film series in various cultural institutions and festivals, and in the meantime produced her own movies. These movies are instinctive, and the result of a consequential post-production work, creating thus a precise and original audiovisual relationship. Her cinema is set in the inspired tradition of New York underground cinema, where she was trained, spending time around Jonas Mekas. She now continues her activities in Saint Petersburg, and teaches cinema at the Smolniy College of Liberal Arts and Science.

Godovannaya Untitledno1

Untited Nº1 / Russia / 2005 / 4' / 4:3

While walking along Nevskiy Prospect in St. Petersburg, Russia, the artist saw a young girl dancing this harsh, passionate and seductive dance.