Junho Oh

*1977. Lives and works in Seoul, South Korea.

Junho Oh received his MFA at the Art Institute of Chicago in 2006 and works as a professor at Dong-Eui University in Busan, South Korea. He is a programmer fo the EXiS film festival in Seoul and creates experimental films and installation works with both celluloid film and computer applications.

OH The place you left 2

The place you left / South Korea / 2006 / 10’ / 4:3

After you left and I remained here alone, the place of remembrance becomes vile and empty. Although it's too hard to wait for your answer without promise, I'm waiting for you while holding my breath and feel the way you do. Junho Oh’s impressive filmic collage revisits those places of remembrance and reflects upon the possibility of showing the absence and the yearning for something that is no longer tangible.