Frederic D. Oberland

*1978, Paris, France. Lives and works in Paris, France.

Multitalented musician, composer and filmmaker Frédéric D. Oberland studied cinema at La Fémis and political science at Sorbonne. As a member of the experimental film lab Etna he collaborates with many artists and his work ranges from music composition to film performance.

OBERLAND Mao mao HD 4 3 1 

Mao Mao / France / 2005 / 2’ / 4:3

A cry of solitary anger emerges from the maelstrom. Detournement and flicker effects are used here to transcend the futile nostalgia of political symbols tainted by the society of the spectacle and its inevitable concomitant: boredom. Let the dead bury the dead and pity them, for it is our destiny to be the first to enter the new world.

Le Corps de Vents [with Michael Rabetrano]/ France / 2005 / 20' / 4:3

Le Corps de Vents is part of the compilation, BlackLight. This compilation brings together films of a new genre, between cult cinema and abstract art, a form of science fiction bordering on the experimental and the fantastic. The black and white universe presented here is inherited from comic books, drawings, calligraphy, and of course photography. Label Ombres presents new hybrid works, evolving in the imagination through expanded cinema, a cinema of sensations.