Frederic Tachou

*1964, Bordeaux, France. Lives and works in France.

After being schooled in Bordeaux, Frédéric Tachou started his career by shooting a series of shorts of a rather conventional nature, shown on television. It was only at the end of the 1990s that he radically changed his cinematic orientation and produced a series of films of strictly political content. Close to Pierre Merejkowsky and the group of the Productions Aléatoires, he is one of the first experimental filmmakers to have benefited from the CNC’s selective grant for his film Reste là ! ; It is beyond doubt his most intimate and poetic movie, being, just like his previous movies, a research into cinematic language, rich and complex, manifesting a great formal inventiveness. Frédéric Tachou is a surprising filmmaker who doubles as a keen, modest and brilliant critic.

Tachou reste la

Reste-là ! / France / 2006 / 11'45 / 4:3

"One night, I had a dream about my father. I saw a familiar house. The unity of the architecture of the home had come apart, creating an unusual comglomeration of rooms, windows, and spaces. The film shows these spaces inside me, haunted by the presence of the person who had just died." Frédéric Tachou