*Founded 1994 in Germany. Based in Germany.

The Lombardi-Clan are actually two film-makers, Gerd born in 1969 and Silvana Lombardi born in 1965. Their contribution to the world of film is very rich and personal. As founders of Wurzelfilm, a company specializing in visual media creation, they also find the time to supporting the International Bruce Lee Club which they helped found. Their filmography is as varied as their own interests and includes experimental film, commercial satire, documentary films, and even kung-fu films. Their films are financed with help from their own Italian olive oil label, Olio Lombardi.

Lombardi-clan Der Letzte Flug

Der Letzte Flug (The Last Flight) / Germany / 1999 / 11'24 / 4:3

From the beginning the Lombardi-Clan had the intent of adapting a real story to film with Der Letzte Flug (The Last Flight) as its result. “Please come to 8 Richter Stein Street. Someone tried to climb onto the balcony and fell. “ The drama of this story is given away at the very beginning of the film. In an apartment building in Nuremberg, Germany, a night amongst four young adults has just begun.

Talk, laughter, and a few intravenous shots to escape and fly towards another place. But one amongst them seems to have not returned from his trip. The jury speaks: His heart is no longer beating, the dose seems to have been fatal. What are they to do now? How should they get rid of the body? A solution is found, make him fly, but the landing turns out to be not so soft for those left behind.