Fayçal Baghriche

*1972, Skikda, Algeria. Lives and works in Paris, France.

Fayçal Baghriche studie fine arts in France, first at Villa Arson(Nice), from which he graduated with honors in 1997, and then at Paris' Ecole des Beaux Arts, from which he holds both a Bachelor's degree in performing arts and a Master's degree in multimedia practice (2000). Since 2003, he has been living in Paris. He is the co-founder, there, of L'Entreprise Culturelle, an artists' residency, and Le Commissariat, an artist-run space founded in 2006. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in France and abroad: at the Outpost for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (survival of Architecture, 2008), Al Riwaq Art Space, Bahrain (As the Land Expands, 2010), Museum of Modern Art Algiers (Black on White, 2010), La Force de l'Art, Paris (2009), La Nuit Blanche in Paris (2010), CAPC Bordeaux (Retour vers le futur, 2010), the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris (Seconde main, 2010). In 2011, he participated in the exhibition The future of a promise at the 54th Venice Biennale.

BAGHRICHE Le sens de la marche 1

Le sens de la marche / Algeria-France / 2002 / 5’15 / 4:3

In the video Le sens de la marche, the course of time is reversed. The artist appears as the only reasonable figure in a world that works in reverse. Fayçal Baghriche is standing at a crossroads of a street, no sign distinguishes him from other people but his motionless stature generates a distanced reading and transforms the scene into a true choreography, attention shifts to the repetitive gestures of passers-bys, the absurdity of a walk without apparent destination and on the authority of trajectories induced by urban development. Society is stigmatized for its consumption of energy and blindness in his frantic race. The impassive presence of the artist in the heart of the urban unrest challenges the impact that one person can make and poses how inaction is a crippling method that disrupts a system. (Keren Detton)