Halida Boughriet

*1980, France. Lives and works in Paris, France.

Halida Boughriet studied at École nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris and at the New York School of Visual Arts. Her work examines the power and violence of human relationships and portrays humanity within its social and political context while engaging in poetic encounters with the individuals involved.

BOUGHRIET Les illumines HD 2

Les illuminés / France-Algeria / 2007 / 1’27 / 4:3

In Les illuminés (The Enlightened), the viewer’s focus, the screen itself, is fused with that of a woman wearing a burqa, the video artist herself. The viewer sees the world – the astounded passersby she encounters on a moving pavement inside the Montparnasse train station in Paris – through her eyes, her obstructed vision. The video offers a radical experience of otherness and isolation and demonstrates that apart from being symbolic, the covering of women is first and foremost of a material nature.