Bosiljka Simonovic

*1974. Lives and works in Paris, France.

Bosiljka Simonovic has made three short films: Vous Suivez ?, Nocturne - received best scriptwriting award at the Paris Gay & Lesbian Film Festival - and Chocolate Sperm which has been screened at over 50 film festivals around the world and broadcasted on several TV channels.

Today Bosiljka continues to be involved in making short films with the Paris-based production company, Envie de Tempête Productions, while working on two feature films including an adaptation of a Victor Hugo novel.

SIMONOVIC Chocolate Sperm

Chocolat Sperm / France / 2001 / 5' / 4:3

Lust: 12 Sexy Shorts brings to light a wide range of cutting-edge films from 8 different countries that takes a humoristic look at the search for pleasure. It's a discovery of a wide range of low-budget film-making styles that strolls us through a frenetic world that begins with sex for some and ends in separations for others. These films portray experiences that dissolve into a blurry vision of love. Lust is an incomplete inventory - who could pretend otherwise !! - of the different strategies of attack and defense within the permanent struggle against loneliness. Lust shows us a world where although the rules are simple, the winner never adheres to them.