Hugo Verlinde

*France. Lives and works in Paris, France.

French digital artists Hugo Verlinde has been combining the wonders of mathematics and art through his unique creations since 1992. Obscuring programming methods, the artist's films and installations unfold into space and pull us into a universe of striking density. Cascades of light or myriads of stars, the images explode with force or develop into an infinite sleekness creating a physical and voluptuous connection between our bodies and the cosmos.

A figurehead of new French experimental cinema, Hugo Verlinde's films are shown throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Since 2005, his installations have been presented in galleries and at contemporary art exhibitions.

Verlinde Geminga

Geminga / France / 2003 / 9'10 / 4:3

The body, shot in the dark, becomes an only screen for projected images made from inks, scratchings, interventions on film or synthetic images produced by computer. This encounter between body and light evokes the presence of creative energy to the background of all forms.

Hugo Verlinde / Cosmogonies / France / 2008 / 85' / 4:3

"The disciplines interweaved by Hugo Verlinde resound like echoes of a primal scream. Starting from a meditation on space, using all the technical devices of our times, and inspired by a timeless ideal, he paces up and down the immaterial dimension of desire: all that makes the world go 'round'. If his works captivate us, its because he renders the universe not distant and monotonous, but gushing; infinitely intimate." Gabriela Trujillo 

Altaïr / France / 2007 / 9'26 / 4:3
La levée du voile / France / 2006 / 6'15 / 4:3
Captations vidéo de différentes installations: Iris / France / 2005 / 3'41 
Bételgeuse / France / 2004 / 4'28 / 4:3
Ephèse / France / 2004 / 8'01 / 4:3
Géminga / France / 2003 / 9'10 / 4:3
Derviches / France / 1992-2002 / 14'56 / 4:3