Yasunori Ikeda

*1976, Japan. Lives and works in Gifu, Japan.

Filmmaker Yasunori Ikeda's works include an impromptu-created MOSAIC (2001 with Masakazu Saito), a documentary 7×7 (2004) which is composed of footages taken over the course of 49 days, and Tsuchi no hito 3 portraits (2009) in which characters are portrayed by images based on a narration. Yasunori Ikeda domestically and internationally creates and exhibits his works based on a different point of view from story films.

IKEDA Tsuchi no hito 2

Men of soil (Three portraits) / Yasunori Ikeda / Japon / 2009 / 17’43 / 16:9

Mashiko-machi is famous for its pottery, Mashiko yaki. Many people who touch and form soil with their hands by profession live there. The soil is just a part of the earth to most of us. But to them, it is a source of information, material, work, and the goal of their path. The film portraits three men who earn their
bread and butter from ”soil”.