Simon Liu

*1987. Lives and works in Brooklyn, USA and Hong Kong, China.

Born from a Chinese father and an English mother, filmmaker Simon Liu has spent his childhood between Hong Kong and Stoke-On-Trent in England. Often immersed in peoples and practices foreign to him, Simon developed a fascination with gesture and forms of communication stripped of words.

SIMON Flyer boy HD 3

Flyer Boy / China-USA / 2011 / 10’40 / 4:3

Flyer Boy focuses on a young man who spends his days handing out flyers for a local Chinatown restaurant. His work is full of fleeting exchanges, passing gestures and people he tries to communicate with. In a state of anxiety – due to his own physical and emotional ailments, and haunted by his now expired family life – he tries to reach out for somebody to tell his story to.