Nose Chan

*1975, Hong-Kong. Lives and works in Hong-Kong

Graudated with MFA in School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, Nose Chan began video-making in 1998. His short Well (2000) won the Distinguished Award in the 6th Hong Kong Independent short Film and Video Award. In 2003, he participated in the 1st Berlinale Talent Campus in The Berlin International film Festival. He also edits for many independent film productions, including Darkness Bride (2003), Innocent (2005), Magic Boy (2007), High Noon (2008) and Farewell Loneliness (2011).

CHAN Aftermath HD 4

Aftermath (in memory of his body) [with Christopher Lau] / Hong Kong /2004 / 13’57 / 4:3

Aftermath investigates both the choreographer and video director’s point of view for the memory of a dying body. Taking the body as both the object and the subject, this piece abstracts the “time and space” of a dying body. The time travel of a spirit (or the soul) parallel to the “flash-back” happens in one’s mind right before his/her body dies.

Nil / Hong Kong / 2001 / 11' / 4:3

The beginning of Nil starts off with a strange silence amongst landscapes void of humanity… and yet little by little Hong Kong reveals its living citizens. With scattered sources of lights, dialogues without words, and silence, we see that people are the blood that gives life to the city.