Maeva Aubert

*1970, Paris, France. Lives and works in Marseille, France.

Maeva Aubert works as a freelance curator in film and video art in parrallel to her own video art work. After studying Art History and Aesthetics at the Sorbonne, she lived several years in New York where she studied Film Directing at Brooklyn College and at Film Video Art. She was a regular at Anthology Film Archives, while curating and working on her own films such as Loisada, Avenue C, her first documentary. Her latest film China 66, is a 3-screen video installation based on super-8 familly archives shot in China in 1966 and synchronised with her own remake 40 years later. This art work is part of the FRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur's collection and was shown in Hong Kong in 2009.

Aubert Loisada

Loisada, Avenue C / France / 2004 / 52' / 4:3

A bucolic visual promenade, an ambling city soundscape: Loisada, Avenue C, superimposes the detail of plant-life to that of the New York Minute. What is seen and what is hidden thus reveal the abundance of this city through the least perceptible of its objects.