Thomas Walther

Stelzner et Walther Testamento

Testamento [with Uli Stelzner] / Germany / 2003 / 93' / 4:3

The documentary, Testamento, portrays an exceptional portrait of the socialist revolutionary Alfonso Bauer Paiz of Guatemala. Son of a prominent journalist, lawyer and former South American Minister living in Guatemala where he has fought in favour of social justice for more than half a century. In 1944, he participated in the fall of dictator Jorge Ubico and became a politician. After founding the first Guatemalan unions, he taught law and social sciences at the University. As Minister of labour and the economy, he supported many social movements and participated in meetings at the United Nations. In 1951, he formed a friendship with Che Guevara who he met during his exile in Mexico. Having survived several assassination attempts, he participated in several South American revolutions. But the price he paid for his ideals: his friends, his wives and children suffer the consequences of his actions. In telling the story of this extraordinary man, activist and close friend of Che Guevara, this documentary traces the history of South American since the 1940's.