Till Roeskens

*1974, Freiburg, Germany. Lives and works in Marseille, France.

With a passion for applied geography, visual artist Till Roeskens belongs to the artist-explorer family. His work evolves out of his discovery of a given region and the people who are trying to draw their own paths through it. What he brings back from his explorations, whether in the form of a book, a video, a slide show or other media, is never just a simple report, but serves as an invitation to exercice one’s own perception, an open question about what we are able to seize from the infinite complexity of the world. His “attempts to find his bearings” are made with a constant concern for reaching an uninformed audience and transforming them into co-authors of the work.

aida 1 valley

Videomappings: Aida, Palestine / France-Germany / 2011 / 46' / 4:3

Somewhere, in the middle of a tangle of borders: a refugee camp. People caught in a situation that becomes more absurd every day. Just trying to live a human life. With courage, with craftiness, with humour too. We don't see their faces. We don't see the places they talk about. Yet we are projected closely into their intimate experience of the world, while following line by line the maps they are drawing to represent their adventurous ways through the complex spaces around them. 

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Plan de situation : Consolat-Mirabeau / France / 2012 / 96 pages

"We put some chairs in a circle at a street corner and I will recount what I have seen and heard, around you, in this little corner in the far north of Marseilles. I will take a piece of chalk and trace a map of fragmented spaces in the soil, of places that I have traveled over the last two years, from the port to the hilltop. I will tell you what I have encountered there that they have revealed to me of their busy lives." — Till Roeskens