Andrew Kötting

*1959,  Lumberkacj, Finland. Lives and works in Saint Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex.

Born in Lumberkacj in Finland, Andrew Kötting studied art in London before becoming a father to Leila, then founding his production company Bad Blood and Sibyl, in the French Pyrenees. Prolific and polymorphic, his artistic production has developed within the confines of cinema, performance and installations since the start of the '90s. His two feature films Gallivant in 1996, and Cette sale terre in 2004, are exemplary of the radicality and freedom which permeates all of his work, permitting the comparison made by E.D Distribution, to the work of Derek Jarman.

Kotting In the wake of a deadad

In the wake of a deadad / UK / 2006 / 64' / 4:3

Following the death of his father, Andrew Kötting made a giant blow-up doll bearing his father's traits and filmed himself deploying it in places where the deceased could no longer set foot. Alone or with family or friends, the English filmmaker creates a frame, both literally and figuratively, and thus allows his deceased father to be reborn. More than simply the sum of its various installations, the film, set between documentary, happening and intimate short story, is an extremely moving and poetic reflection on the role and meaning of images in filiation and the grieving process.