Margarida Paiva

*1975, Portugal. Lives and works in Oslo, Norway.

Margarida Paiva studied at the Art Academies in Porto, Trondheim and Oslo where she gratuated with a MA in 2007. Using cinematographic narrative techniques, her videos explore oneiric atmospheres. Her work shows emotional states expressed through poetic imagery characterizing an existential contemporary solitude.

PAIVA Who Lives In My Head 2 

Who lives in my head / Portugal – Norwegen / 2009 / 4’ / 16:9

Who lives in my head? is an experimental video which, with the use of repetition, explores the compulsions of madness and the sense of fear. Vaguely inspired by the fictional character of the mad woman in the attic, the video looks into the role of the rebellious and insane woman in certain film representations.