Lowave Collection

Lowave's film and video collection has been built between 2002 and 2014 and features over 250 video artists and filmmakers from around the world. The label has contributed to an important number of international exhibitions, biennials, film and video festivals, as well as academic programmes. As Lowave's activities evolve, we have stopped our film distribution and our catalogue serves now as an archive that documents over a decade of film and video art history. A selection of our DVDs is on sale at Re:Voir in Paris.

Jean-Francois Blanquet

*1969, Auxerre, France. Lives and works in Paris, France.

Sound manipulative-visual artist, Jean-François Blanquet works with dance, theater, participates in exhibitions, multimedia set ups, performs on stage for live writing sets with various artists, video among others. He works the audio for video/projects multimedium works and for installations. He directs an audiovisual company: Project. Autodidact, he focuses his works on direct experimentation and has developed his own work architecture through the years.

projectsinge Monkey party


Nadira Patel

*1988, Vereeniging, South Africa. Lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Naadira Patel is a Johannesburg based artist and curator whose work crosses between the mediums of painting, photography and video. She completed her undergraduate BA Fine Arts Degree at the Wits School of Arts in 2010, and is currently the assistant curator and exhibitions coordinator in the Division of Visual Arts at the Wits School of Arts, managing the Substation gallery space and co-curator of The Substation Residency: Dislocating the Studio. She has worked as a project manager and curatorial assistant on numerous projects, including the Joburg Art Fair in 2009 and 2010, Stevenson JHB in 2010 and Wide Angle: Photography as Public Practice in 2011.

PATEL I Like it When it Goes Fast 1


Jerome Blanquet

*1972, Auxerre, France. Lives and works in Paris, France.

His explorations of the moving image and spontaneous writing, allow Jérôme Blanquet to make a representation of what escapes our consciousness. Particularly inspired by technology, he continually questions the limits of its tools and knowledge. It diverts established forms, looking for gaps to open places where you can find meaning. At the crossroads of experimental video and performance, he plays with the accident, surprise, search abandonment, without censorship, to find the unconsious. He co-founded the collective labalaba, currently dissolved, with whom he made several clips with electronic performers (L. and A. Bourdoiseau Ganerli). He regularly collaborates with Metronomic for the production of short films and music videos (Alex Gopher, Jasmine Vegas ...). Jerome co-directs the creative group projectsinge since 1998 and is part of the project live audio_video DEMOLECULARISATION.

projectsinge Monkey party


Moira Tierney

*1969 in Dublin, Ireland, lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Moira Tierney studied at University College Dublin and the École Nationale d’Arts de Cergy-Paris before moving to New York on a Fulbright Scholarship to Anthology Film Archives. Shot primarily in 8mm and 16mm, her work has screened numerous international venues. She is co-founder of the Dublin-based film collective SOLUS.

TIERNEY Liberty kids HD 4


Dineo Bopape

*1981, Polokwane, South Africa. Lives and works in Polokwane, South Africa.

She studied at the Durban Institute of Technology and at De Ateliers in Amsterdam (2005-2007). In 2010, she received an M.A. from Columbia University (New York City). Her resolutely trans-disciplinary art (combining video, installation, painting, drawing and performance) has been shown in many exhibitions, among which: Act IX: Let Us Compare Mythologies at Witte de With, Rotterdam (2010); Dada South? at Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town (2009); Rebelle: Art and Feminism 1969-2009 at the Moderne Kunst Museum Arnhem, the Netherlands (2009); Younger Than Jesus at the New Museum, New York (2009); ZA: Young Art from South Africa at the Palazzo delle Papesse in Sienna, Italy (2008); and Cape 07, Cape Town (2007). 2011 brings her to Miami, as the recipient of a Fountainhead Residency.



Bofa da Cara

*Lives and works in Barcelona, Spain, Luanda, Angola and other places.

Bofa da Cara is an artistic platform launched in Barcelona by a collective of contemporary audiovisual creators from Luanda, Barcelona, Mexico City, Valencia and Brighton who use video art, music, performance, documentary film and spoken word to transmit their discourses on today’s global society. Bofa da Cara's only aim is to celebrate life in all of its contradictory angles. Bofa da Cara makes audiovisual art products.

"Our business is all that concerns us. Our business is all that inspires us; our business is all that gives us pleasure. Our business is the 3D notion of comfort. Ideologically our motto is: Quality + Quality & Content + Format = 100%. Format is content, quality is content." 

BOFA DA CARA African Mind