Lowave Collection

Lowave's film and video collection has been built between 2002 and 2014 and features over 250 video artists and filmmakers from around the world. The label has contributed to an important number of international exhibitions, biennials, film and video festivals, as well as academic programmes. As Lowave's activities evolve, we have stopped our film distribution and our catalogue serves now as an archive that documents over a decade of film and video art history. A selection of our DVDs is on sale at Re:Voir in Paris.

Sener Ozmen

*1971, Şırnak, Turkey. Lives and Works in Diyarbakır, Turkey.

Sener Özmen is a Kurdish artist, art critic, and writer. His writing on art was published in various specialized papers and in Turkish daily national newspapers. Focused on Turkish art from the 1990s, he takes part in and reports on national and international art scenes. His poems, novels, and comics where published in Kurdish and Turkish with a few having been translated into English. As a member of the PEN Club International, he was awarded the Swiss Prix Meuly in 2005. His art, photographs and videos reflect the current political situation in Turkey and across the globe.

Using a sometimes disturbing form of irony aimed at provocation, his work aims to expose the violence in South-western Turkey. Over the past 15 years, Sener's work was featured in various group exhibitions including Look Again, Proje4L, at the Istanbul Museum of Contemporary Art, Istanbul in 2001, Future Democracy, at the Akbank Culture and Arts Centre, Istanbul in 2003, the 9th International Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul in 2005, and the Kunst-Film Biennale Köln in 2005. In 2005 he held his first solo exhibition, Vidéo Surveillance_002, at Galerie Schleicher+Lange in Paris.

OZMEN Our village 


Margarida Paiva

*1975, Portugal. Lives and works in Oslo, Norway.

Margarida Paiva studied at the Art Academies in Porto, Trondheim and Oslo where she gratuated with a MA in 2007. Using cinematographic narrative techniques, her videos explore oneiric atmospheres. Her work shows emotional states expressed through poetic imagery characterizing an existential contemporary solitude.

PAIVA Who Lives In My Head 2 


Valérie Pavia

*1970, Montpellier, France. Lives and works in Paris, France.

Filmmaker and video artist Valérie Pavia has a Degree in Communications, Art, and Performance Art from Bordeaux, 1992 and Masters in Law, Montpellier, 1991.

Valérie's work has been selected at a number of international film festivals including Cannes (2000) as part of the En Avant program. Her work has received a number of awards including the First Prize Award at the documentary film festival of Gentilly (2003) ; the Jury Award at the Biennale de l'Image en Mouvement in Geneva (2003); special mention at the Retina Festival in Hungary (2003) ; Second Prize at the Novossibirsk (Russia) International Documentary Film Festival (2003) ; First Prize at Vidéoformes Clermont-Ferrand, France (2000) ; First Prize Split Film Festival, Croatia (1999).

In 2001 she received a grant from Afaa and Mairie of Paris to make the film Le Rêve de l'Ours (Dream of the Bear) in Moscow.

PAVIA Le reve de l ours


Jean-Gabriel Periot

*1974. Lives and works in Paris, France.

Jean-Gabriel Périot has directed numerous short movies, both in video and film. He builts, often from existing archives – photographs, films, internet files – a work of reflection on the polymorphic status of violence in our societies. Everything goes through the power of images, without speech, without comment: a thought-cinema.

PERIOT Eut elle ete criminelle 1


Vaughan Pilikian

*1974. Lives and works in London, UK.

Vaughan Pilikian studied Classics and Sanskrit at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and then Fine Art and Filmmaking at Harvard University. His films have been screened in cinemas around the world. He has also published two collections of poetry, and his paintings are in private collections in the U.S. He is artistic director of Unruowe.

PILIKIAN Household gods


Izabela Plucinska

*1974. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Izabela Plucinska studied at Lódz Art and Film School before being accepted at the Konrad Wolf Film School in Potsdam- Babelsberg, Germany in 2003. Her film Jam Session won a Silver Bear at the Berlin Film festival 2005. Together with her production-collaborator at the film school, Jamila Wenske, she co-founded her own production company Clay Traces.

PLUCINSKA Afternoon 2