Lowave Collection

Lowave's film and video collection has been built between 2002 and 2014 and features over 250 video artists and filmmakers from around the world. The label has contributed to an important number of international exhibitions, biennials, film and video festivals, as well as academic programmes. As Lowave's activities evolve, we have stopped our film distribution and our catalogue serves now as an archive that documents over a decade of film and video art history. A selection of our DVDs is on sale at Re:Voir in Paris.

Julia Raynham

*1966, Cape Town, South Africa. Lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa.

Julia Raynham’s work melds choreography, theatre, poetry, video, sound, performance and improvisation, in a distinctly experimental vein. After studying architecture and music, she trained extensively as a sangoma (link between the ancestral and human worlds, specialist of herbal medicine, counsel in matters of psychological disturbance in Zulu, Swazi, Xhosa and Ndebele communities of Southern Africa). An ex-member of key collectives on the South Africa scene (Honeymoon Suites; The Mothertongue Project) and a writer (We Tell Our Old Songs: San Music of Southern Africa, with Marlene Winberg, 2004; ilikemagazine), she is the founder of Resonance Bazaar, a multidisciplinary platform for the development of artistic partnerships. Among her most renowned works are: Return to Traveller (The Edge, Cape Town, 2009); 21st Century Animal (7th edition of Rencontres Chorégraphiques de l’Afrique et de l’Océan Indien, 2008); A New Body Will Be Assembled … More Brilliant than Memory (Spier Contemporary, Cape Town, 2007).

RAYNHAM Rulings of the night 2


Johanna Reich

*1977. Lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

Johanna Reich is a video artist working also in the fields of performance and photography. Her works have been exhibited across the world and she received national and international awards and scholarships like the Prize for best video artist at the Crosstalk Festival Budapest or the Excellence Prize at Japan Media Arts Festival.

REICH A state of crystal 6


Patricia Reinhart

*1977. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Patricia Reinhart studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts under Wolfgang Hollegha, Sue Williams and Muntean/Rosenblum. She has exhibited at a number of spaces in and near Vienna, including solo exhibitions at Galerie Dana Charkasi, as well as group exhibitions at Kerstin Engholm Gallery and at the Essl Museum.

REINHART Kirkirerland HD 3


Colas Ricard

*1971, France. Lives and works in Nantes.

After having completed a dual diploma: cinema (École Supérieure d’Audiovisuel de Toulouse) and Fine Arts (Orléans and Épinal), Colas Ricard started working on his own films.

He also works as a programmer for film screenings, a film laboratory technician, educator, and website designer of devoted to alternative cinema. He is currently writing a manual on the “art of Super 8”.

Ricard et Gracineau Tendem


Till Roeskens

*1974, Freiburg, Germany. Lives and works in Marseille, France.

With a passion for applied geography, visual artist Till Roeskens belongs to the artist-explorer family. His work evolves out of his discovery of a given region and the people who are trying to draw their own paths through it. What he brings back from his explorations, whether in the form of a book, a video, a slide show or other media, is never just a simple report, but serves as an invitation to exercice one’s own perception, an open question about what we are able to seize from the infinite complexity of the world. His “attempts to find his bearings” are made with a constant concern for reaching an uninformed audience and transforming them into co-authors of the work.

aida 1 valley


Francoise Romand

*Marseille, France. Lives and works in Paris, France.

After her studies at IDHEC, Françoise Romand directed her first film in 1985: Mix-up, discovered by the New Directors New Films at MOMA, is acclaimed by the American critics and chosen as the Favorite Film of 1988 by Jonathan Rosenbaum and one of his 15 best of the 80's. Again on the borderline between fiction and documentary, still questionning about identity, her second film, Call Me Madame, tours around the USA. Her thriller, Past-Imperfect, and her comedy, Vice Vertu and Vice Versa, drive her to teach at Harvard. More experimental than ever, her last film, Theme Je (The Camera I), is an autofiction which flirts with the Webcam to raise issues of cinema. This time on the borderline between cinema, theater, web, her happening Cine-Romand opened on the underground scene in Paris in 2007.

Romand Theme Je