Lowave Collection

Lowave's film and video collection has been built between 2002 and 2014 and features over 250 video artists and filmmakers from around the world. The label has contributed to an important number of international exhibitions, biennials, film and video festivals, as well as academic programmes. As Lowave's activities evolve, we have stopped our film distribution and our catalogue serves now as an archive that documents over a decade of film and video art history. A selection of our DVDs is on sale at Re:Voir in Paris.

Paula Un Mi Kim

*1983. Lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Paula Un Mi Kim majored in scriptwriting and cinematography at the ECA-USP in São Paulo where she is currently based. She shot Weekend along with two other shorts during her stint in the MFA program at K-Arts in Seoul, where she lived for three years. With her short films she attended various festivals including PalmSprings ShortFest, Festroia and Expresion en Corto, amongst others.

KIM Weekend HD 4


Machima Ungsriwong

*1991. Lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand.

After joining the AFS Intercultural Program in the Czech Republic, Machima Ungsriwong studied Communication Arts in Bangkok and was trained as a producer during the workshop organized by Reality Filmmakers from Electric Eel Films. She edits and produces films for a new generation of filmmakers in Thailand.



Hugo Verlinde

*France. Lives and works in Paris, France.

French digital artists Hugo Verlinde has been combining the wonders of mathematics and art through his unique creations since 1992. Obscuring programming methods, the artist's films and installations unfold into space and pull us into a universe of striking density. Cascades of light or myriads of stars, the images explode with force or develop into an infinite sleekness creating a physical and voluptuous connection between our bodies and the cosmos.

A figurehead of new French experimental cinema, Hugo Verlinde's films are shown throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Since 2005, his installations have been presented in galleries and at contemporary art exhibitions.

Verlinde Geminga


Johanna Vaude

*1975. Lives and works in Paris.

Johanna Vaude studied visual arts at the University (1994-97) and started producing her own films. The experimental cinema gives her complete liberty of expression to translate, through plastic hybridization, her sensory trips and experiences. Her creations are widely recognized and her films are shown in Europe, Asia, North America. Retrospectives were organized at the Cinémathèque Française (French Film Archives), Côté Court Film Festival, the Pesaro Film Festival (Italy), MK2 Beaubourg, Traverse Vidéo, etc. 

In 2005, the « Court-Circuit » magazine, a production of Arte, the French-German TV channel, realises a portrait of the artist.

Vaude Hybride Samurai


Jan Verbeek

*1966. Lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

Jan Verbeek studied at Bonn University and the Academy of Fine Arts in Düsseldorf where he became a master grade student of Nam June Paik. His video and installation work is based on a sensitive observation of reality. It is characterized by a delicate interaction of image and sound and a special way how time and space work together.

VERBEEK Counterparts HD 4


Patrick Volve

*1972, France. Lives and works in Paris, France.

Patrick Béraud "Volve" studied math and audiovisual communications, with a specialty in sound engineering from the school of image and sound at Angloulême (France). He then pursued his training during 1 year at CFT Gobelins (Paris) as a post-production assistant. Patrick has made a number of short films since 1998 including Vidéo Montevidéo. As a film editor specialising in sound and effects, he contributes his talent to the Metronomic group and his various VJ performances in Paris.

Volve Video Montevideo